Trade Your Unit


All Appraisals are FREE
Once you've been pre-approved  bring your trade vehicle to Action Motor Sports

and we will provide you with an appraisal value for FREE.

We Look beyond Market Value
Our experienced appraisers are trained to see the value in your trade. We thoroughly evaluate all
aspects of your trade including features, mileage, wear, structural damage and mechanical
conditions. Then we factor in additional elements like aftermarket improvements. We then compare all of this against current market conditions and local industry data sources to arrive at an accurate cash value for your vehicle.

How to Prepare for your Trade
In order to ensure a quick and easy trade-in there are a few things you need to have with you.

Vehicle Title: It is critical that you have your vehicle's title and that all titleholders
be present if you would like to trade-in your vehicle.

Pay-off Information: If you have an existing loan on your vehicle, please be
sure to bring in the loan pay-off information.

Vehicle Registration: In order to trade-in any vehicle, you must have a valid vehicle
registration issued in your name.

Valid Driver's License: Each titleholder will need to show a valid state-issued
driver's license.

Any Additional Vehicle Components: Items such as additional keys, owner’s manuals and the like should all be brought to the dealership. If these items are not present, it may affect the final

appraisal value of your vehicle.